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Who We Are

At TCG, we have chosen to specialize within the space of human development by offering a unique methodology around both people and sales processes. Our motto of “less corporate and more human” simply means, we believe you can have more meaningful relationships when you focus on people. So it doesn’t just limit you to clients, rather holistically with internal teams and everyone you connect with daily professionally.

Our objective is to be recognized as communication experts for our discerning clients and share best practices that assist organizations to reach their financial goals through sales and service development.

Success Stories

Our Amazing

Senior Team


As CEO of TCG, Shanee Smart leads the company with a visionary approach, leveraging her extensive background in both B2B and B2C media. A South African native, she relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2018, bringing a global perspective to her leadership.

Shanee’s career spans over 30 years, marked by her achievements in managing teams for high-profile consumer magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Good Housekeeping. After leaving corporate media, Shanee transitioned to a consulting role, where she honed her skills in corporate consulting, training and project management. Her entrepreneurial drive led her to co-establish the Spa Professionals Guild, a successful global digital education platform for the spa industry, where she continues to hold equity.

As CEO, Shanee’s strategic vision and entrepreneurial mindset drive TCG’s growth and innovation. Her ability to develop and implement effective strategies has enhanced the company’s operational efficiency, expanded its service offerings, and optimized staff performance, positioning TCG at the forefront of its industry.


Tony and Brian first worked together in the early 2000’s. Since then their friendship has developed into a partnership with TCG. Over the years, Tony has worked closely with organizations to implement sales strategies to drive massive growth. His client list spans from Fortune 500 to Global 500 companies. He graduated from The Citadel and is a Certified Human Behavior Specialist in the sciences of Hartman Index, DISC, Driving Forces, and EQ.

His sales process is actively taught in over 50 countries, and is responsible for nearly $3 Billion in new business with clients. Tony’s ability to connect with sales teams and sales leaders allows the transfer of skills to feel organic. The ability for organizations to get the results they desire is the core logic why his clients stay with him year over year.


Brian and Danielle have been friends for more than a decade. She is a HPCSA Registered Industrial & Organizational Psychologist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Her strength lies in understanding human behaviors in the workplace. Following a scientist-practitioner model, Danielle helps individuals and organizations overcome emotional challenges to develop potential and flourish.

Danielle has worked for tech startups, top consulting firms and private practices for the past ten years. Her experience has taught her that no individual or organization are similar and that authentic human touch is needed to deliver an excellent service.


Over the past decade Brian and Jay have worked together and continue to collaborate on strategic initiatives. Jay’s strength lies within corporate strategy, revenue growth, business transformation, turnarounds and talent development.

Jay had a 15 year tenure with Standard & Poor’s Global serving in various senior leadership roles including Managing Director of its Ratings Information Services division. With over 25 years of experience building and leading organizations his insights are invaluable for TCG clients. He began his career with Deloitte as a consultant and CPA in New York, London and Atlanta.


Since Brian and Tony have spent close to 20 years knowing and working together, it only made sense to join forces to disrupt the training industry. Brian’s professional career follows the classic trajectory—working upward from the bottom rung in the Temporary Staffing Business where he learned door to door selling. From that experience he founded and sold two successful start-up companies in both online learning and online recruitment space over a 10-year period.

Over the years he has received numerous awards for professional excellence including the elite status of a Top 40 Executives under 40 years old. His work with global corporations has given Brian the opportunity to share his knowledge as a Human Capital Strategist, and continues to work with many CEO’s to optimize revenue strategies and drive customer loyalty.


Sydney might be the most organized person on the planet. So much so, her position as Project Manager is a match made in heaven. From onboarding to completion she ensures nothing is missed and deadlines are always on-time. She is not only popular among the staff, every client loves her willingness to serve. She always puts the client first and consistently uncovers ways to exceed expectations.


Chris has worked with Tony and Brian for close to 20 years. More than a working relationship, her friendship has allowed her to have a different perspective than most content experts. She has been a founding member of two start-up organizations. She has won awards for her thought leadership in learning and development, but her connection with clients is her super power. From marketing, product development, video production, her experience runs the gamut.


Solomon and Brian have worked together on media projects for many years. Solomon is a savant when it comes to capturing stories online. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

He has a unique ability to turn “boring corporate videos” into engaging pieces of art. His secret power is creating memorable stories that connect you directly to your clients. The TCG team wants to differentiate clients from the noisy world and bring your personal story to life.


Zahid is not your typical web master. In fact, we call him TCG’s “web wizard”. Not just because he is a savant with code, but he has a unique ability to connect with people. He leads the team that develops our clients ’Online Universities’, creates unique sales funnels and manages all our tech needs. Zahid is always three steps ahead. He’s such an amazing team player, if we were on Survivor, he would never be voted off the island!


Executive Assistant extraordinaire, Lindie is based in Cape Town, South Africa. With more than 18 years of experience Lindie has been a successful conference and events planner as well as project manager in the corporate industry. Working with Key Account Managers Lindie has hosted and coordinated events for companies such as Old Mutual, Momentum, SA Breweries, Levi’s South Africa, Samsung and Agri Expo to name a few. Leading her team with lots of energy to organize and execute a successful conference, road show or Social Responsibility Project, Lindie knows the importance and the impact of keeping an eye on every little detail especially in daily planning and record keeping.


Gillian, an accomplished executive assistant with over 15 years of experience in various corporate industries, is recognized for her dynamic and versatile approach. Her career is marked by a distinctive combination of exceptional organizational skills that enhance workplace efficiency, along with a creative touch that infuses her work with a fresh perspective and a healthy dose of humor and wit. She holds a genuine passion for connecting with people and has nurtured strong interpersonal relationships.

Gillian’s venture into the corporate world took a significant turn when she devoted her time to a non-profit organization, underscoring her commitment to making a positive impact, both professionally and personally. With her positivity and solution-oriented mindset, she stands as a valuable asset in any professional setting. Gillian’s professional journey underscores her dedication to fostering a positive influence in her work environment and the broader community, consistently making a difference and adding value.


Joining The Constance Group in 2023, Ane Kruger brought with her a diverse array of experiences and skills. Prior to joining our team, Ane honed her expertise in the ISP sector, focusing on customer service excellence and achieving sales targets.

Ane’s academic journey culminated in a BA degree in 2014, which paved the way for her varied professional path. She gained invaluable insights working across sectors like Legal, Customer Services, and Education, enriching her knowledge and skill set.

In 2021, Ane undertook an exciting venture, playing a pivotal role in establishing a recreational park overseas. As the administrative and secretarial lead for this project, she demonstrated her adeptness in managing complex tasks and bringing ideas to fruition.

Ane’s passion for continuous learning and personal growth is evident in her achievements. She celebrated the publication of her debut novel on Amazon and Smashwords in 2021, followed by a second novel in 2022. Embracing new challenges, Ane also embarked on learning Arabic in 2022, a testament to her belief in lifelong learning.

Ane advocates stepping out of the comfort zone, convinced that growth and learning are the keys to unlocking one’s full potential. Her hobbies, including reading, exercising, and acquiring new skills, reflect her commitment to self-improvement and personal development.

What we do

Talent Assessments

Before you jump into training, don’t you want to know if your team is trainable? How about being confident that the team you have is CAPABLE of doing what you’re asking them to do. Whether assessing the team you have, or hiring new team members, knowing who is on your team and IF they can do the job is critical to the success of any training initiative.

Sales Training

The challenge with “training” is, few believe they need it and even fewer look forward to it. Most programs are either outdated or manipulative. They focus on “solutions” and end up commoditizing products and services. We have a proven methodology that will accelerate the closing process by 50% in most cases.

Customer Loyalty

Customer retention is about the “experience” not just the product. We work with select organizations to uncover opportunities to assist them in building a world-class customer experience. From training to running call centers, we are known for saying “yes” to requests you may not have asked yet. It’s just who we are.


Our facilitators make learning fun. No more full-day programs where you’re sneaking to use the phone. We believe if you connect personal and professional, participants are excited to be present. Every workshop has high engagement and flexibility to actively share personal stories to anchor best practices.

Online Learning

For over 20 years we’ve been creating online learning for organizations BEFORE it was popular. We understand people have short attention spans, so we’ve mastered micro-learning combined with our proprietary learning methodology to transfer skills in a way where learners retain up to 75% more information than traditional methods.

Live Events

Brian Parsley

For over two decades Brian Parsley has delivered both seminars and workshops assisting organizations to optimize both revenues and drive loyal customers. His unique approach has been recognized by industry leaders as thought-provoking and actionable. People will always remember “who” hired the speaker. Brian customizes each talk based on your unique requirements. Instead of a generic talk with your organization’s logo, he takes the time to understand your culture. He then develops content that resonates with your audience while using humor and storytelling. At the end of the day, your people will walk away with a new level of confidence combined with new skills.

Tony Leone

Many people “talk” sales effectiveness, but few have demonstrated the ability to transfer that effectiveness to entire organizations for high impact. For nearly two decades Tony has not only shared his sales strategy to organizations all over the world, but he has consistently created high performing sales cultures that have impacted the bottom line of hundreds of organizations.

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