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Posted by: Tony Leone
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The Power of Eustress: Fueling Your Drive and Maintaining Momentum in the Face of Challenges

The Power of Eustress: Fueling Your Drive and Maintaining Momentum in the Face of Challenges

We all know the feeling. The weight of deadlines pressing down, the never-ending inbox, the constant sense of being stretched thin. It’s enough to make anyone yearn for a simpler time…which was probably never for salespeople! But what if I told you some stress can actually be beneficial?

Yes, you read that right. Enter eustress, the positive side of stress that can be a potent tool for driving performance, enhancing creativity, and propelling you towards your goals. It’s that feeling of exhilaration and focused energy you get when you’re:

  • Learning a new skill: Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to master a new software program or hone your public speaking abilities.
  • Taking on a challenging project: Stepping up to lead a complex initiative, knowing it will require all your expertise and strategic thinking.
  • Embracing change: Adapting to a new market landscape, a restructuring within your company, or a technological disruption in your industry.
  • Working towards a meaningful goal: Setting a clear objective that resonates with you and your team, providing a sense of purpose and direction.

Eustress keeps you engaged and motivated. It’s the spark that ignites your passion and propels you forward. But how do you harness this positive stress and leverage it for maximum benefit?

Seeking Out Stimulation: The Catalyst for Eustress

Let’s be honest, the routine can become a rut. We fall into familiar patterns, our days blending into one another. This predictability breeds stagnation, both personally and professionally. Here’s where the deliberate pursuit of eustress comes in. How can you inject a healthy dose of challenge into your work life?

  • Embrace New Responsibilities: Don’t shy away from opportunities to step outside your comfort zone. Volunteer for a new project, one that pushes your skillset and requires you to learn something new. This could be leading a cross-functional team, taking on a leadership role, or spearheading a pilot program for an innovative idea.
  • Set Stretch Goals: Goals that are too easily attainable offer little motivation. Push yourself to define clear objectives that excite you, that feel slightly out of reach yet achievable with focused effort.
  • Welcome Change: Instead of viewing change as a disruption, see it as an opportunity for growth. New market trends, technological advancements, or even internal restructuring within your company can be catalysts for innovation and fresh perspectives. Embrace the challenge and use it to your advantage.

Maintaining Momentum: Keeping the Eustress Fire Burning

Even the most exciting new challenge can lose its initial spark. That initial rush of adrenaline fueled by a novel project or an audacious goal can fade over time. So, how do you keep the eustress fire burning and stay motivated over the long haul?

  • Celebrate the Milestones, Big and Small: It’s easy to get bogged down in the daily grind and lose sight of the progress you’re making. Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate both your major achievements and your smaller victories. Did you complete a crucial phase of your project? Did you finally master that new software tool? Acknowledge these milestones, big or small. Reward yourself for reaching these goals, reinforcing the positive feelings associated with progress and keeping yourself motivated for the next step.
  • Reconnect with the “Why”: Remind yourself of the purpose and meaning behind the goals you’ve set. What initially fueled your excitement for this project? Were you passionate about solving a specific customer pain point? Did this challenge the potential to disrupt your industry? Reconnect with that initial spark, the “why” that got you started in the first place.
  • Chunk It Down: A large, looming project can feel overwhelming, quickly sapping your motivation. Combat this by breaking down the project into smaller, more manageable tasks. This creates a clear roadmap, a series of achievable milestones that make progress feel tangible and keeps you moving forward. I’m talking to you my CRM deniers!

The Power of Your Support System:

You don’t have to go it alone. Surround yourself with a support system of colleagues, mentors, and even industry peers who can provide encouragement and feedback. Sharing your goals and challenges with others can be a powerful motivator. Look for individuals who believe in you and your vision, who will hold you accountable and celebrate your successes.

Temporary Motivation: Accepting the Ebb and Flow

Let’s be realistic: motivation isn’t a constant state. There will be days when the initial excitement wanes, when the allure of the challenge loses its shine. It’s perfectly normal for your motivation to ebb and flow.

The key is to have strategies in place to reignite the spark. This could involve listening to an inspiring podcast on leadership or innovation, reading industry articles that showcase creative solutions to relevant challenges, actively reminding yourself of your WHY, or…

And this is an unpopular opinion

Lean into the lack of motivation ever so slightly. Listen to your mind. Sometimes it is telling you what you need to do. You may be pressing too hard and there will be a law of diminishing returns on said activity, so I find shutting it down for a brief amount of time to either get physical, spend time with family, or whatever I need to do to detach, gets me back into flow state faster than just pushing harder and getting very little return on that activity.

At the end of the day, learn to love friction. Not Burnout, but friction. Realize nothing great ever comes easy. So on the other side of any friction is usually a great reward…and that gets me excited every time!

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