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Posted by: Tony Leone
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Negotiating Like a Kid: Why Your Child is the Best Salesperson You Know

Everyone wants to be a better negotiator, but did you know that your child could teach you a thing or two? Kids are some of the best negotiators out there, and if you pay close attention to their tactics, you can learn from them. Let’s take a look at why your kid is a better negotiator than you.

The Power of “Why?”

One of the most effective tactics that kids use when negotiating is to ask why. Asking why can reveal more information about what the other party wants, which can help with crafting an offer that is more likely to be accepted. Instead of merely taking “no” for an answer, try asking “why not?” or “what would make it possible for us to come to an agreement?” It may seem simple, but it can make all the difference in getting a deal done.


Kids are often willing to negotiate on almost anything. Unlike adults who become entrenched in their positions and refuse to budge without a fight, kids are flexible and open-minded when it comes to negotiating. They understand that compromise will ultimately lead to win-win situations for everyone involved. This type of attitude helps keep negotiations moving forward and prevents any potential stalemates from occurring.

Creating Alternatives

Kids also know how to create alternatives in order to reach agreements faster and easier. For example, if your kid wants something that they can’t have right away, they may suggest something else as an alternative. For instance, they may suggest doing some extra chores around the house instead of getting paid cash for their work. Not only does this show creativity on their part but it also demonstrates their willingness to find solutions outside of conventional methods – something every successful negotiator needs!

They Ask For More

We have all been there. We give in to one demand thinking it will end the negotiation and they hit you with another request. In negotiation we call this nibbling. When the yes door has been opened kids stick their foot in there and never let you close it. We as negotiators usually only stop at one concession request, never considering how much the other party was willing to give up. We let our own discomfort get in the way of getting what we want. When the yes door opens, keep it open!


The truth is that kids have been negotiating since before they could speak! They understand how important communication skills are when it comes time to hash out an agreement – something many adults fail miserably at. If you want to become a better negotiator, then pay attention next time your child starts bargaining with you! Chances are you’ll pick up some valuable tips along the way that will help you close deals quickly and efficiently in the future. With any luck, your kid will soon be teaching you how it’s done!

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